Entangled photon assisted multidimensional nonlinear optics of exciton–polaritons

Journal Of Applied Physics 128 (11), 113102 (2020)

Entangled photon assisted multidimensional nonlinear optics of exciton–polaritons

Arunangshu Debnath, Angel Rubio

We present a theoretical formulation of the frequency domain multidimensional pump-probe analog spectroscopy, which utilizes the spectral– temporal entanglement features of the biphoton sources. It has been shown, via a compact multi-time, convolutional Green’s function expression and the accompanying numerical simulations, that utilizing the correlation properties of non-classical sources offers a viable scheme for the exploration of dissipative kinetics of the cavity confined quantum aggregates. The cooperative and competitive modifications brought in by the photonic cavity mode and the auxiliary vibrational modes into the scattering and dephasing properties of the exciton– polaritons have been explored via their signatures in the multidimensional correlation maps. The study offers a new parameter window for the investigation of the dynamical polariton characteristics and warrants the usage of multi-mode entanglement properties of the external photonic sources in future studies.

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This work was supported by the European Research Council (No. ERC-2015-AdG694097), the Cluster of Excellence CUI (Advanced Imaging of Matter) Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, 925, and the Grupos Consolidados (No. IT1249-19).

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